MEDirections Roundtable | Salafism: Challenged by Radicalization?

December 15, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
online on ZOOM


An online roundtable organised by the Middle East Directions Programmein collaboration with the PREVEX (Preventing Violent Extremism in the Balkans and the MENA) and theRADEX (Contextualizing Radicalization: the politics of violent extremism) projects.

In academic and political discourses on radicalization Salafism is routinely identified as the ideological breeding-ground of violent Jihadism and terrorism in both Western and Middle Eastern contexts. Based on an analysis of its ideological affinity with (violent) Jihadism, some researchers regard Salafism as ‘the antechamber of radicalization’, while recent attacks in Paris have re-launched the debate on a new law forbidding Salafism.

It is not clear however, despite this alleged ideological proximity, whether Salafism is a socializing agent of violent (Jihadi) activists. While the majority of European terrorists were not adherents of strict Salafi orthopraxy before resorting to violence, Salafis themselves publicly denounce terrorism, are very critical of Jihadis and even often claim to be a barrier against radicalization.

Is Salafism therefore a facilitator or a bulwark against violent radicalization? Is there a difference of degree or nature between Salafism and Jihadism? How credible can Salafism be as an instrument for the prevention of radicalization and for de-radicalization? Overall, how has violent radicalization challenged Salafism?

This workshop, situated in the larger debate of the relation between religious doctrine and violent action, covers Western/European, Middle Eastern, and North-African countries, with a comparative perspective allowing variance in outcomes to emerge and thus key factors to be identified.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

SPEAKERS: Olivier Roy (RSCAS, EUI) | Nadia Marzouki (CNRS / CERI) | Bilel Ainine (CNRS) | Stéphane Lacroix (CERI, Sciences Po Paris) | Joas Wagemakers (Utrecht University) | Mohammed Masbah (Chatham House / Moroccan Institute for Policy Analysis) | Naima Bouras (CEDEJ/IFAO) | Louis Blin (CAPS, Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires Etrangères) | Wael Farouq (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) | Ester Sigillò (RSCAS, EUI) | Virginie Collombier (RSCAS, EUI) | Anna Rajkowska (SPS, EUI) | Théo Blanc (SPS, EUI) | Thomas Hegghammer (FFI/Oslo University) | Shpend Kursani (EUI) | Patrick Haenni (EUI/HD Centre) | Jerome Drevon (IHEID/ ICRC/Middle East Institute)

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