The Role of Architecture in the Reconstruction of Syrian Cities | Marwa Al Sabouni

Marwa Al Sabouni is a Syrian practicing architect, author of the book ‘The Battle for Home’ published by Thames and Hudson (2016) and listed as one of the top ten experts on Syria’s reconstruction. Her TED Talk was chosen among the best of TED talks 2016, with over 900K times.

She was invited to Florence by the MEDirections to give a keynote lecture at the European university Institute (31st January 2019) on ‘The Spring’s Harvest: What Role Can Architecture Play in the Reconstruction of Syrian Cities?’ in the frame of our Executive Training on ‘Economy in War-torn Countries: Pathways to Recovery and Reconstruction’ with the School of Transnational Governance (STG).

In this video, Marwa Al sabouni recalls the main points on Homs, Syria and the role of Architecture that she raised in her keynote lecture. More information are available here: