New Publication | The Future of Syrian Christians after the Arab Spring

MEDirections is delighted to share “The Future of Syrian Christians after the Arab Spring”, the latest Research Report by Georges Fahmi. This paper was first published in a Joint Policy Study “Politics of Recognition and Denial. Minorities in the MENA Region” under the EuroMeSCo ENI Project, co-funded by the EU and the IEMed.

The wave of popular uprisings that started in 2010 offered religious and ethnic minorities an opportunity to obtain full rights in a new democratic, political regime. However, a violent turn of events in many of these countries has put religious and ethnic communities under unprecedented threat. In particular, this is the case of Christian communities in Syria that have found themselves caught between the rise of radical Islamist groups and the inability of the political regime to offer them basic public services, not even security.

This paper seeks to analyse the different political attitudes of Syrian Christians towards the 2011 Syrian uprising through its various phases; what are the main challenges that have shaped these attitudes, and what policies shall be adopted by local and external actors in order to address them?