Webinar | Engaging Iran. European and Transatlantic Perspectives on the JCPOA and Security in the Gulf (06 May 2021) | in the framework of the Rome MED 2021 and the EUI State of the Union

06 May 2021 | 4.55pm CEST – 7.25pm IRDT

As talks have resumed in Vienna between Iran and the world powers, the revival of the JCPOA may open a new chapter for a newfound transatlantic cooperation engaging Iran. While the sequencing of a US and Iranian full return to the agreement remains subject for discussion, the EU could play a role in helping disentangle the nuclear dossier and the regional security one. This webinar brings together a European, a US and an Iranian perspective on the prospects for reviving the JCPOA and for engaging Iran on a broader discussion on security in the Gulf region. 

The event is part of the Rome MED 2021 initiatives and it is held in partnership with the European University Institute on the occasion of the State of the Union 2021).

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