PODCAST | Les mutations de la guerre en Libye, sous les influences russe et turque | with Virginie Collombier, Jalel Harchaoui

The strongman of the East has been weakened by a series of defeats in recent weeks. Could his Russian and Emirati allies drop him anyway? What follow-up for the Turkish operation in support of the Tripoli government? Has the conflict completely escaped the Libyans and boiled down to a confrontation between Russians and the the Turks? Is there still something to expect from the UN, the European Union and the United States?

On 3 June 2020, Virginie Collombier, EUI, coordinator of the Libya Initiative of the Middle East Directions Programme, and Jalel Harchaoui, Netherlands Institute of International Relations, have been interviewed by Radio France Internationale on the recent development on the ground that are characterizing the current phase of the Libyan conflict.

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