New VIDEO released | Libya’s Constitution: between conflict and compromise | with Nedra Cherif (Libya Initiative)

We are glad to announce our latest video with Nedra Cherif presenting the main conclusions of her recently published paper Libya’s Constitution: between conflict and compromise* (available in English and Arabic), based on original research including interviews with key Libyan actors, in collaboration with our MEDirections Libya Initiative

Nedra Cherif is an independent analyst and researcher focusing on the political transitions and constitutional reforms in the MENA region since the 2011 uprisings. In this video she analyses the constitutional making process in Libya since 2014 and reflects on the challenges of drafting a constitution in times of conflict. 

Why has it been so difficult to draft a new constitution in post-Qadhafi Libya? What would it take to reach agreement on key political and social issues? 

*This research paper is part of a series of publications prepared in the framework of the ‘Dialogue Platform for Peace and Stability in Libya’, supported by the EU-IcSP.  The project aims to establish a platform for dialogue and exchange between Libya’s major political forces, Libyan and international researchers and key actors in the international community on key policy issues for Libya’s future. 

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