New Publication WPCS | Kinship Ties in Safe Areas During the Syrian Conflict: The Case of Tartous | Suleiman Haider

MEDirections is delighted to share a new Research Project Report from the Wartime and Post-Conflict in Syria project (WPCS). This publication is available in English and Arabic.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, Tartous has experienced a number of socio-economic changes that have both pressured its local community and the Assad regime and that have revitalised local politics. This is evident in the response of many traditionally prominent and emerging families to the war dynamics. These families have strengthened their kinship ties and expanded their local networks in line with the interests of the regime. Many state officials’ families have thus secured their positions in the post-war socio-political order in Syria, while the regime maintains control over local arrangements. Changes have shaped local policies relating to religion, humanitarian aid and the war economy.