New BLOG post |“Before Corona, I will die of hunger”: The socio-economic impact of Covid-19 on the Syrian population and new challenges for the regime | Joseph Daher

For the Syrian regime, which now controls over 70 per cent of Syrian territory, the Covid-19 virus might represent one of the most significant social crises since the beginning of the war. As more and more of the population is under its domination, Damascus has been clutching at solutions to the increasing challenges with very limited financial resources. At the same time, state infrastructure and its services have already suffered massively from destruction during the war. Combined, these situations have causedvarious forms of dissent and growing criticism to reappear against the regime in different areas of the country. In mid-January 2020, several demonstrations took place in the province of Sweida to oppose living conditions and the Syrian government’s neglect towards its citizens, while in recent months, protests against the regime have multiplied in the Daraa province and Rural Damascus.

With the first positive Covid-19 case in Syria officially announced on 22 March and the second death recognized by the authorities on 30 March, the potential for widespread diffusion of the virus would be a tragedy for millions in Syria.


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