Rethinking Radicalization | A new documentary by Al Jazeera

Rethinking Radicalisation is a documentary movie directed by Dan Davies for Al Jazeera.

Through the guidance of Professor Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies of Geneva), this six-part documentary series presents a generational portrait of the radical youth of our time, their conflicts and motivations, their families and surroundings. It explores how and why young people are drawn to hardline groups: often illegal, often deadly and on the rise.

From minute 18:00 the documentary is based at the EUI, in the occasion of the MEDirections Summer School on Post-conflict Stabilisation: The Day after IS Military Defeat (July 2018), where Professor Ould Mohamedou gave a Keynote Lecture and had then the chance to discuss with Professor Olivier Roy on the ‘global ISIL generation’ in front of the camera.

Watch the full movie here.