Syria Initiative


MEDirections’ Syria research project aims to analyse the key local trends and dynamics of the country’s multi-layered conflict, to generate a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities for post-conflict stabilisation and peacebuilding. It is based on fieldwork and a close partnership between the EUI/MEDirections and Syrian analysts.

The research focuses on three main topics: transformations in local governance and networks of power in a changing national context; the war economy and its impact on future reconstruction; social and religious transformations in times of revolution and armed conflict.

It aims to inform policymakers and practitioners in Europe and the Middle East and to promote knowledge sharing between Syrian and European analysts. The project is led by Agnes Favier whose research interests focus on the political and military dynamics affecting Syria and its neighbours since 2011.

MEDirections is also starting to mentor and provide support to junior Syrian analysts. This aims to enable Syrian analysts to be more involved in knowledge production and decision-making.


Latest publications:

Agnès Favier, Fadi Adleh, Local reconciliation agreements’ in Syria : a non-starter for peacebuilding, (2017), Research report, both in English and Arabic.

Agnès Favier, On the debris of Aleppo : a gloomy and uncertain reconstruction for Syria: an analysis, (2017), Policy Brief

Nagwan Abdelmaboud Mohamed Soliman, The door should be opened to Ahrar Al-Sham!, (2017), Policy Brief 

Luigi Narbone, Agnès Favier, Virginie Collombier, Inside wars : local dynamics of conflicts in Syria and Libya, (2016), E-Book, both in English and Arabic