Reconstruction in the Civil War Zones of the Middle East | Panel discussion (Middle East Institute, Washington DC)

On 16 January 2020 the Middle East Institute of Washington DC organised a panel discussion on Reconstruction in the Civil War Zones in the Middle East addressing ways for mitigating the effects of these violent and destructive conflicts. The panel will showcase the findings of the recently released book Fractured Stability: War Economies and Reconstruction in the MENA, edited by former diplomat and Director of MEDirections Luigi Narbone, and contributed to by Professor Steven Heydemann.


Ross Harrison | Senior Fellow at The Middle East Institute

Steven Heydemann | Janet Wright Ketcham 1953 Chair in Middle East Studies – Nonresident Senior Fellow in the Center for Middle East Policy of the Brookings Institution.

Luigi Narbone | Director of the Middle East Directions Programme at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute.

Francesca Recanatini | Senior Public Sector Specialist, at the World Bank Group

Paul Salem (moderator) | President of The Middle East Institute.

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