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  • What relation between social change, religious diversity and the challenges this poses for the state–religion relationship in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region? What pluralization of the religious sphere, what individualization of religion and what unlikely return of a state monopoly of Islam?

Read: Religion and Politics. Religious diversity, political fragmentation and geopolitical tensions in the MENA region, MENARA Working Papers, N°7, December 2017. Available online at:

  • The domestic political orders in the MENA countries are going through a period of crisis and restructuring. Since mass protests spread from Tunisia and Egypt to other countries in the region in 2011 a number of worrying trends have affected the forms and functions of states, regimes, contentious actors and collective identities. Conceptualizing these trends as part of a broader process of hybridization of domestic political order-making in the MENA region sheds light both on empirical developments and on the analytical categories that scholars make use of to describe and theorize them.

Read: Methodology and Concept papers. Hybridization of domestic order-making in the contemporary MENA region, N°6, December 2017.  Available online at: