New Publication | Fulfilling Implausible Expectations. Reducing Migratory Flows from Libya amidst Porous Borders

MEDirections is delighted to share a Policy Brief by Luca Raineri, Research Fellow at the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies*.

To what extent can the EU-sponsored border management policies explain the dramatic reduction in migratory flows from Libya to Italy over the past months? Do the data available dismiss the significance of the Libyan Coast Guard’s contributions to this end? Are they sufficiently reliable to demonstrate the strengthening of Libya’s southern borders?

The answers to these questions invite the conclusion that events taking place at Libya’s external borders provide a less convincing explanation for Europe-bound migratory flows than what occurs within Libya, thereby questioning the assumptions surrounding EU migration management and crisis response policies.

Read the policy brief here:


*The Middle East Directions Programme and the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies have recently started to collaborate on research issues and projects of common interest. Publications related to the MEDirections Libya Initiative are available here: