New Publication السياق السياسي الاقتصادي لإعادة الإعمار في سوريا الآفاق في ظل إرث تنموي غير متكافئ 

MEDirections is delighted to share the new Arabic version of the Research Project Report on The Political Economic Context of Syria’s Reconstruction: A Prospective in Light of a Legacy of Unequal Development by Joseph Daher, originally published in English.

This report is published as a research output of the Wartime and Post Conflict in Syria project (WPCS)WPCS provides operational and strategic analysis of prospects, challenges, trends and policy options in wartime and in preparation for post-conflict in Syria. WPCS is funded by the European Union and is implemented through a partnership between the European University Institute (Middle East Directions Programme/Syria Initiative) and COAR (Center for Operational Analysis and Research).

Read the paper in Arabic HERE.