New publication – Deir al-Zor after Islamic state: between Kurdish self-administration and a return of the Syrian regime

MEDirections is delighted to share the latest Research Report by Ziad Awad from our Syria Initiative’s research project. It is available in both English and Arabic.

While Deir al-Zor is in a state of tremendous turmoil, Islamic State’s military defeat poses several challenges for the stability of the region and the rebuilding of peace in the medium and long term.

The research report on Deir al-Zor after Islamic State: Between Kurdish self-administration and a return of the Syrian regime attempts to analyse some of the profound effects of the war on the structure of the Deir al-Zor society. In addition, it identifies possible responses to local communities vis-à-vis the authorities of Kurdish self-administration and the Syrian regime, and the governance mechanisms of these two actors. This research shows the enormous challenges facing the Deir al-Zor governorate after IS from social disintegration, due to conflict and waves of displacement, to several tensions that may generate large conflicts in the medium term.