New BLOG post| Just fall, that is all – the latest stage in the Sudanese uprising

Lana Haroun captured 22-year-old Alaa Salah urging the protestors on. Across Sudan, the term ‘Kandaka’ (meaning Nubian Queen) has been used to demonstrate the strength of women and is a throwback to Ancient Sudanese history.

Since mid-December demonstrations on the streets of Sudan have been held against the present regime and its poor management of the country’s economic and natural resources. For months the Sudanese have experienced food shortagesincreasing inflation and declining access to fuel, and after 30 years of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir’s rule they are now calling for him to step down. Starting in the notoriously anti-government city of Atbarra, the protests spread around the country, uniting the Sudanese against the toppling of the regime. “Just fall, that is all” has become the mantra of the demonstrations [….]

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