New book by Prof Olivier Roy | L’Europe est-elle chrétienne?

The debate on the Christian identity of Europe has been going on for years. Prof Olivier Roy takes the question head on: is Europe Christian today, and how? Can it simply adopt nostalgic, authoritarian, identity-based postures? To what kind of Christianity do refer those who oppose, sometimes vindicatively, “Christian values” to the two waves perceived as equally powerful and threatening: a very secularised society and a conquering Islam, tangible signs of the collapse in progress? What sense, what links, what logic are spotted in the exploded saraband of the European heritage’s realities: Christianity, secularisation, identity, culture, values, norms, rights…

Beyond the uncompromising statement, the first merit of this book is to shed light on our condition as Europeans orphaned by their Christian past. Which will not be revived by legislation, but, perhaps, by prophets.

  • The English version is expected in the spring by Hurst Publishers.