MWP/SPS Multidisciplinary Research Workshop – Rethinking Methodological Approaches to Islamic Movements

The Arab revolutions of 2011 have strikingly reconfigured Islamic movements’ mobilisations. Their electoral successes in some countries, their renewed participation in institutional politics, their deployment as social movements in other contexts, and finally the resurgent state repression in Egypt and elsewhere, have all reshaped the organisational and ideological identities of these movements. Islamism has undergone both (out-ward) pluralisation and (in-ward) fragmentation, with new lines of division arising between competing factions. Internal debates have grown in intensity, over issues of political programs, social outreach and self-labelling strategies (“Muslim democrat”, “Islamist”, “Salafi”, etc). Tactical choices have been vividly discussed both at the grassroots and leadership levels of the movements, and new, unexpected behaviours have been adopted in the face of disrupted states. Considering these transformations, this workshop aims at updating the paradigms, method designs and data collection procedures used for investigating Islamic movements and capturing their evolving role in the politics of North Africa and the Middle East. Such endeavour will be carried out in the course of three panels, each of them tackling a core methodological challenge.

The workshop is organised by Alaa Badr (SPS), Théo Blanc (SPS), Inès Bolaños (SPS), Margot Dazey (SPS), Mathilde Zederman (RSCAS) and Olivier Roy (RSCAS), with the support of the Max Weber Programme, the Middle East Directions Programme and the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the European University Institute.

Location:Emeroteca, Badia Fiesolana

Affiliation:Max Weber ProgrammeDepartment of Political and Social SciencesRobert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies


Contact: Francesca Grassini (EUI – Max Weber Programme)