MEDirections Summer School – Photogallery online

The MEDirections Summer School on Post-Conflict Stabilisation: The Day after IS Military Defeat took place on 9-11 July at the European University Institute in Florence.

Aiming to bridge the gap between academia and practice, the summer school provided an intense and highly interactive three-day training programme. Participants came from a mix of academic, practice and policymaking backgrounds,listening to research lectures as well as experiences from the ground delivered by knowledgeable instructors. In afternoon sessions dedicated to a group practice assignment, the diverse groups of participants pulled together their different perspectives to work on three case studies to devise long-term, multi-layered and sustainable strategies for stabilisation in post-IS Syria, Iraq and Libya.

We warmly thank our participants and instructors for their valuable contributions, and wish them a great Summer break!

Enjoy our Summer School’s photogallery HERE