Seminar | The Talibanisation of the Islamic State: The Quest for Retrospective Legitimacy

May 15, 2018 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Sala Belvedere, Villa Schifanoia
Via Giovanni Boccaccio
121, 50133 Firenze FI
Sarah Katherine St John


The Middle East Directions Programme at the Robert Schuman Centre (RSCAS), in collaboration with the Muslim World Working Group of the Department of Political and Social Sciences (SPS), welcomes Afshin Shahi (University of Bradford, EUI Visiting Fellow) to present his paper on the talibanisation of the Islamic State. Prof. Olivier Roy (RSCAS/SPS) will act as discussant.

Shahi develops the notion of ‘Talibanisation’, a concept which stems from the resilience and the determination of the Taliban to remain a dominant player in Afghanistan even after the downfall of their state in 2001. The factors that helped the Taliban to maintain their influence after the disintegration of their state constitute a pattern which could be applied to other conflict-driven areas such as Syria. By critically examining the socio-political conditions in the district of Jarablus, Shahi demonstrates the ways in which the inept post-IS administration is inadvertently helping IS to gain what can be called ‘retrospective legitimacy’, a drive which could sustain its influence for many years following its downfall.

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Georges Fahmi (MEDirections)

Metin Koca (EUI – Department of Political and Social Sciences)


Prof. Olivier Roy (EUI – RSCAS)


Afshin Shahi (EUI Visiting Fellow – University of Bradford)

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