Against Populism: How civil society is surviving the wave of authoritarian populism in the Middle East?

June 15, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

North Africa and the Middle East are today crossed by a wave of neo-authoritarian populism. This new wave has particularly targeted civil society groups, especially independent media, human rights activists and labour movements, who played an active role in the 2011 uprisings, accusing them of trying to bring down state institutions due to foreign interests. Within this difficult atmosphere, civil society actors are trying to resist by formulating new survival strategies. This roundtable brings together a number of scholars working on various elements of civil society in the Middle East such as the labour movement, feminist organisations, and youth movements in order to understand these actors’ new strategies to survive and to what extent they have so far succeeded.

Gennaro Gervasio (University of Roma III)
Gianni Del Panta (University of Siena)
Lucia Sorbera (University of Sydney)
Georges Fahmi (Middle East Directions Programme, EUI)

Location: Seminar Room Mansarda

Sarah Katherine St John – Send a mail
Georges Fahmi
Luigi Narbone (Director of the Middle East Directions Programme)