The day after IS military defeat


Round Table / The day after IS military defeat

6 December 2017 , 14.30 – 17.30

EPC Conference Centre (3rd Floor) / Rue du Trône 14, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

The event is organised by the Middle East Directions Programme (MEDirections) in partnership with the European Policy Centre (EPC). It will be a roundtable structured into two sets of questions.

The first will be dedicated to post-IS scenarios in Syria and Iraq, focusing on the local dynamics of power and security and questioning the viability of new political order after IS. MEDirections researchers will introduce the debate with an overview of the main dynamics observed and the challenges ahead. Two colleagues from the region will focus on specific case studies and analysis of the post-IS context in Libya will constitute a ‘mirror case’.

The second question will focus on transformations within the jihadist sphere, both in the MENA region and in Europe, including the issue of ‘returnees’. MEDirections and the EPC will introduce the discussion and provide a general wrap-up to the debate. Speakers of the first session will be invited to intervene.


  • Virginie Collombier Scientific Coordinator of MEDirections – Coordinator of the Libya Project
  • Agnes Favier MEDirections Research Fellow – Coordinator of the Syria Project
  • Tine Gade Max Weber Fellow at the EUI – Senior Research Fellow at NUPI
  • Olivier Roy Scientific Advisor of MEDirections
  • Daryous Aldarwiche, independent Syrian journalist and human rights activist
  • Yahia Al Kubaisi, Iraqi Centre for Strategic Studies
  • Amanda Paul, EPC Senior Policy Analyst (Chair)
  • Francesca Fabbri, EPC Junior Policy Analyst (Chair)


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